Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the website for Holy Trinity C of E Academy, Rothwell.  We hope to use this website as one element of communication in our drive to fulfil our mission ‘To work in partnership to educate, nurture and empower.’  We hope the website will enable you to discover the ways in which Holy Trinity C of E Academy Rothwell stretches pupils academically, supports them pastorally and helps them to develop socially and spiritually.

At Abbey Multi Academy Trust we are passionate about making a difference to the lives of all our children. They are at the heart of everything we do and we strive to inspire learners and change their lives as a result of our educational provision. We want all our schools to be the best they can be and for each child to discover the skills, abilities, talents and interests that lie within them as well as giving them safety, security and the skills they will need to be active, responsible citizens and happy, caring adults in the future.  Our aim, quite simply, is to do the very best for children and recognise their individuality and uniqueness.  Childhood is a special and wonderful time and no-one gets a second chance at it.

The primary and secondary schools within Abbey Multi Academy Trust are prepared to truly collaborate. The schools have a desire to question, change and innovate to ensure that what they provide enables our children to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

We work as active partners both formally, as part of our growing Multi Academy Trust and informally, in the collaborative work we do with the Diocese, local universities, local and national business and our local community.

I welcome you to explore our website or visit our academy where you can learn more about our aim to work in partnership to educate, nurture and empower.

Mrs Helen Pratten

Executive Principal (Primary)

Holy Trinity Church of England Academy is the small school with a big heart. We are a community built around our core value of love. Our parents and pupils love our academy and our staff love the work that they do. We are really proud that Ofsted gave us the validation that we are a good school at our last inspection (June 2019) and recognised our strong sense of community in which all feel valued and able to achieve their full potential.

Relationships are key to our successful academy. Our staff/pupil relationships are built around the highest levels of care, guidance and support. Staff within school form a tight knit team which enable them to flourish in their work. Parents support our school and are keen to play an active role in school life. We are also outward facing. We work with other schools within our Trust and access a wide range of services from external agencies. We do this so that our pupils and families thrive. Above all we show that we care. Our school family constantly looks at ways in which we can help others. We truly have a big heart.

Our curriculum is exciting. We ensure that pupils experience a wealth of first hand experiences. Whether it be trips or visits, after school clubs or visitors and guest speakers in school we always find ways to engage pupils in their learning. Our curriculum is rich and broad which ensures that pupils are always inspired to do their best. Our pupils work exceptionally hard in school and we are proud of them. We constantly challenge pupils in their learning and know that they develop positive attitudes to learning and the skills and knowledge they need to be safe, successful and healthy.

We are a happy, friendly school with high standards of behaviour and a strong culture of learning. Our pupils thrive academically and socially and we feel that our website gives you a true flavour of our success, aspirations and values. Our school is a very special place and it gives us great pleasure to share this with you through our website.

Holy Trinity Rothwell C of E Academy

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